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As a forum for pooling ideas on issues relating to international ‌arbitration and other forms of disputes resolution, the ICC-Iran Commission on arbitration and ADR aims to:


1-Study the juridical and other aspects of arbitration and other modes of international disputes settlement‌, and examine them in view of current developments  in Iran‌.


2-Provide reports, guidelines and best practices on a range of topics of current relevance to dispute resolution, with a view to improving ICC-Iran dispute resolution services.


This Commission is composed of eminent Iranian lawyers with good knowledge of international and domestic trade law.The Commission is engaged with study of the developments in international arbitration of ICC and also the developments of domestic law and practice on arbitration.


In addition the Commission minitors the information and documents produced in ICC Paris and then distribute them among members of INC and Iranian legal community.


Further the Commission plays the role of liason between the Commisssion on Arbitration in Paris and Iranian legal community.