2345678 ICC Guidance Note on Possible Measures Aimed at Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mr. Mahmoud Rostam-Afshar



B.S. in Economics from National University of Iran 1974


Other Courses

General Management, Financial Management, Int’l transport Management


Summary of qualification

34 years experiences in the field of:

Int’l Transportation: carrier, freight forwarding, handling of heavy lifts and project cargo, Customs clearance, Teaching transport subjects for different organization


Professional Experiences

1973-1993: board member & deputy MD. Sati Int’l Transport Co.

1993-1997: board member & MD. Pars Tarabar Int’l Transport Co.

1997-2002: board member & MD. Payane Tarabar Tehran Int’l Transport Co.

2002-2006: board advisor , Caspian Int’l Transport Co.

2006-2007: board member & MD. Rabet Int’l Transport Co. & Shipping Agency

2007-2008: board member & Managing Director, Astara Transit Int’l Transport Co.

2008- … : Sati Int’l Transport Co.

1986-……: member and secretary for Transport & Logistics Commission of ICC Iran


Educational background

-Teaching International Transport Courses in Trade Development Organization /

Int’l Transport Association / Int’l shipping Association / Banks( Melli, Tejarat, & Central Bank of Iran)

-Expert for arbitration Dept. In Int’l Transportation Association

-Int’l Transport Expert for the Arbitration in the Court

-Arranging Seminars for ICC Iran