Dr. Ahmad Abdollahzadeh


Education and Qualifications

Secondary school: 1969-1972, The Alborz High School, Tehran, Iran.

Degree: 1972-1975, B.Sc., University of Tehran.

Major: Accounting, Minor: Mathematics.


Postgraduate Degree

1978-1980: Master of Science in Computer Science, West Coast Universities, Los Angeles,

Calif., U.S.A.,

Major: Information Systems, Minor, Application Programming. 1987-1990: Ph.D. in computer

science, University of Bristol, England,

Research Area: Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Assimilation., AI



Ph.D. Research Project

The Research project was concerned with the principles of multi-site information retrieval

systems and, as part of this work, a multi-library inquiry system was being implemented and

its performance evaluated. The work involves problems of knowledge assimilation in a

concurrent environment.