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ICC welcomes progress on e-commerce at the WTO
ICC has welcomed a statement made today by the Trade Ministers of Australia, Japan and Singapore announcing significant progress in the ongoing e-commerce negotiations within the World Trade Organization.
Paul Mitchell appointed first business representative chair of Internet Governance advisory group
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has appointed Paul Mitchell, a member of the business community and former Senior Director, Technology Policy and Internet Governance at Microsoft, to Chair the 2022 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG).
ICC Iran Digital Economy Commission Meeting
ICC Iran Digital Economy Commission held a virtual, in-person meeting under the leadership of “Dr. Ahmad Abdollahzadeh”-Secretary of above-mentioned Commission- on November 29, 2021.
ICC prepares for the Internet Governance Forum
ICC is once again convening business leaders to participate in the UN IGF to discuss pressing issues like Internet fragmentation, connectivity for all, data governance, trust and security online and more.
ICC calls for coherent and coordinated implementation of international tax agreement
ICC has responded to a decision taken today by G20 Finance Ministers to endorse the agreement broached by 136 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Inclusive Framework last week, calling for rapid clarity regarding the application and implementation of the proposed rules to address the tax challenges of the digitalization of the economy.
ICC Iran Digital Economy Commission Meeting
ICC Iran Digital Economy Commission virtually held its meeting under the leadership of “Dr. Ahmad AbdollhZadeh- the Secretary of Digital Economy Commission’’ on September 14, 2021.
ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap 2020
ICC has published the latest edition of the Intellectual Property (IP) Roadmap – a comprehensive guide and overview of the key intellectual property issues faced by business professionals, policymakers, and legal experts.
ICC announces formation of new Industry Advisory Board (IAB) to support the Digital Standards Initiative
ICC has today announced the formation of a new Industry Advisory Board (IAB) to support the growing mandate of the ICC Digital Standards Initiative (DSI). Gerard Hartsink has been appointed Chair of the Board.
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John Denton circulated new Terms of Reference (ToR) for ICC Commissions
ICC, WTO, and ITC launch Digital Champions for Small Business competition
ICC joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Trade Centre (ITC) today to launch the Digital Champions for Small Business initative.