2345678 ICC Guidance Note on Possible Measures Aimed at Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

ICC Iran, as the ICC representative in Iran founded in 1963 to promote international trade and investment.


Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture President is in charge of presidency of ICC Iran and Secretary General of ICC Iran is in charge of the executive affairs.


All domestic banks, corporates and majority of domestic chambers of commerce such as Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture are ICC Iran members.



It is considerable that ICC Iran members automatically achieve the membership status of ICC.


In accordance with ICC, numerous commissions are active in ICC Iran in different sectors such as banking, arbitration, trade and investment, taxation, digital economy, transportation and …. .


The presence and comments of national chambers of commerce and private sectors in the mentioned commissions’ meetings would result in submitting suggestions and proposals of the commercial communities and it can also lead to raising the problems to government, parliament and policy makers for improvement and development of businesses conditions.


Aiming at ease of access to knowledge for everyone, ICC Iran holds training courses such as; internationally recognized incoterms rules, (UCP 600) uniform customs and practice for documentary credit, the uniform rules for demand guarantees (URDG), trade contracts, international terms of payments, etc., …


Promoting the use of ICC rules in international business, ICC arbitration and commercial dispute resolutions methods and benefiting from ICC publications, books and instructions by ICC Iran results in strengthening Iran business communities and private sectors relations in the world market.


Meanwhile, ICC Iran takes part in international meetings and assemblies, shares knowledge and experience and points of views of chambers of commerce and private sector of Iran with other ICC national committees.