567891011 ICC Guidance Note on Possible Measures Aimed at Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Commission has recently re-organized to invite more members from business lawyers interested in legal works and production of ICC. The Commission has also introduced members to participate in Task Forces established within the Commission on Arbitration namely the Task Force on New York Convention, Task Force on Revision of ICC Rules of Arbitration and Task Force on Arbitration with State Entities.


Task Force “Arbitration involving states or state entities” shall have the following missions:


· To study and identify the essential and distinctive features of arbitrations involving states or state entities and determine whether there are special procedural considerations that should apply to such proceedings, including investment disputes pursuant to bi-lateral and multilateral treaties or state investment laws.


· To look at ICC arbitration procedures and the Court’s practices in relation thereto and determine whether there should be any specific requirements for ICC arbitrations involving states or state entities. Specifically, to determine whether and how the presence of a state or state entity may or should affect the conduct of the arbitration and the role of the institution administering the proceeding.


· To make any proposals for enhancing the role of the ICC International Court of Arbitration in the settlement of disputes involving states and state entities, including investment disputes pursuant to bi-lateral and multilateral treaties or state investment laws.


Among other activities of the Commission the Task Force “Production of Electronic Documents in Arbitration" and the "Task Force Guidelines for ICC Expertise Proceedings” deserve to be mentioned.


The Secretary of the INC Commission on Arbitration is Dr. Mohsen Mohebi. He is an eminent Iranian lawyer. He is  known at international stage for his expertise in international law and arbitration.




1-Pursue the collaboration with other ICC-Iran Commissions on the use of arbitration/mediation in contracts for dispute resolution.


2-Explore the use of Anti-Corruption & Corporate Governance management system in collaboration with other ICC-Iran Commissions.