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In this commission policies and practices on e-business, information technologies and telecommunications are discussed. Taking benefit of International experiences, the commission attempts to make the business atmosphere of Iran compatible to the international concerns.


Through this work we have come to the value of Information transformation and interaction with ICC's commission on  Digital Economy . The national  Digital Economy commission provides facilities for members to communicate with ICC's  Digital Economy commission to get involve policy making process


To achieve the goal and respond to business needs, and minimize  unnecessary obstacles following task force has been organized:


Task Force on Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in Electronic Commerce,

Task Force on Internet & Telecoms Infrastructure and Services (IT IS),

Task Force on Privacy and the protection of Personal Data,

Task Force on Security and Authentication.




1-Advance business –government dialogue to encourage greater alignment between e-government and e-business objectives, including by providing input into the development of global standard for dematerialization aimed at linking current regional initiatives to avoid fragmentation in too many competing regional standards.


2-Advocate cross-sectorial and global business priorities on privacy policy and regulatory frameworks in regional forums (APEC) .Explore policy interoperability to simplify administrative procedures for business across different legal systems.


3-Encourage all stakeholders to promote the appropriate protection on personal data in light of its nature and sensitivity across its life-cycle to promote trust in new digital services (e.g. cloud computing, e-mobility, e-health solutions).


4-Develop an ICC Iran privacy toolkit aimed at small and medium‌ size enterprises (SMEs), to develop a resource by companies to upload privacy standards throughout business activity and enhance consumer and business confidence through effective privacy practices.