ICC Iran's Consultancy Services is established and started activity since April 2012.


I. What ICC Iran's Consultancy Services Generally Do for Traders?

1- To guide and assist traders, exporters and importers to make and sign sale or purchase contract with their counterparts

2- To promote ICC Model International Sale Contract and recommend traders to use ICC standard formats in their trade operations

3- To check, review and recommend expertise comments on draft of sales or purchase contracts received from traders

4- To assist traders , importers , exporters and bankers as well, to use correct version of ICC Uniform Rules , such as UCP, URR, URC, URDG and Incoterms

5- To assist traders to use correct and appropriate Incoterms and do not miss to add mutually agreed named place and reference to Incoterms 2010 in their contracts or any other trade documents

6- To prepare educational articles and materials for publishing in ICC Iran's Weekly e-News

7- To assess and evaluate Consultancy Services presented to traders in order to maintain and promote the quality of services


II. What ICC Iran's Consultancy Services Has Done in 2011

1- Advising expertise and consultancy comments to more than 125 traders and bankers

2- Checking more than 25 drafts of sales or purchase contracts and comments and expertise recommendations advised to relevant applicants

3- Educational articles on Incoterms 2010 and ICC Model International Sale Contract published in ICC-Iran's Weekly bulletin.

4- ICC Iran's Publications presented for sale at our office located in Tehran Chamber of Commerce.


The last action taken by our Consultancy Services is to perform a series of Q & A meetings in Tehran Chamber for business owners with pre specified topic to discuss and provide expertise comments assisting businessmen to find workable solutions for their technical problems in their day to day international operations. We also attend in face to face meetings with applicants and have on line and tele-advisory sessions with applicants upon request.


Our findings based on the results extracted from an evaluation form completed by the participants of said Q & A meetings shows that the results are satisfactory and have met with their expectations.